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January 30. 2023 - Can't lose control.


January 28. 2023 - How and why calm so much quickness.


January 26. 2023 - Your brain and your self-esteem will thank you.


January 24. 2023 - Re-made by hand.


January 22. 2023 - Coloured bubbles.


January 18. 2023 - How and why should something be improved?


January 16. 2023 - An anniversary that explodes any brain.


January 14. 2023 - Not-so-good combinations that you can become your allies.


January 12. 2023 - We are cheating you.


January 10. 2023 - The art of murder.


January 08. 2023 - Waste converted into your new future.


January 06. 2023 - Swap, fix, repurpose!


January 04. 2023 - Nails and teeth.


January 02. 2023 - Keep fighting. If not, what else?


December 02+04+06+08+10+12+14+16+18+20+22+24+26+28+30. 2022 - 10 reasons why you should be a fashion designer.

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