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The world is crazy! We frequently waste money on clothing that will barely last us and invest only in clothing for special occasions. Then, for day-to-day wear, we choose the cheap and trendy items that end up breaking or going out of style in a short period of time.

Why not go for something more durable and one-of-a-kind that you'll want to wear every day?

Nothing beats wearing your favourite piece of clothes every day, because there are a thousand different ways to wear the same piece of clothing, making it even more fascinating.

Wearing a garment every day demonstrates that you appreciate it and are at ease with it, plus it allows you to recoup your investment. What matters is that you feel good about yourself and the items you wear, regardless of what others think.

Our recycled jeans are an excellent choice. Originating in workwear, jeans are known for their durability and strength. Furthermore, our recovered jeans outfits have an avant-garde and dark style, with unexpected cuts and shapes and minimalist details that will make you stand out on any occasion. Each garment is handmade, created and bespoke for each client, making them a one-of-a-kind alternative. We have a wide range of clothes produced from reclaimed jeans, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs. By choosing high-quality, sustainable clothing, you'll not only save money in the long term, but you'll also be contributing to a greener future for the planet and a more sustainable world.

Don't wait any longer and choose durable and special clothing for yourself today! Investing in quality and lasting style is the best option..


They're the sartorial equivalent of the love of your life.

Reliable. Trustworthy.

Always there on a rainy day and they’ve always got your back (or bum) when you’re struggling to think of an outfit to wear.

The kind of love that if you ever give up on, you'll spend your rest of your life pining after it, wondering what went wrong and regretting the mistakes you made.

Jeans work for everyone, anyone at any age can put on a pair and won't feel too young or too old; all depending on the cut you go for.

They work for almost every occasion when styled correctly. They provide the ultimate foundation from day-to-night outfits. And, with spring approaching, they provide the perfect go-to for transitioning into warmer months.

Who even needs any other item of clothing in their wardrobe when you've got a solid collection of jeans and some nice tops?

We're not going to pretend ¡Ánimo, valiente! is a brand about new ways to wear jeans, as we are nowhere near that daring.

For us, the whole point of jeans is that they’re effortless and they fit into your wardrobe.

You wear them because you know they look good, and you don’t have to even think about trying to make to look good.

For spring, for example, it's very likely your uniform is going to be all about slogan T-shirts and jeans, a totally perfect combination for almost any occasion that couldn't feel more you.

So here’s our request:

Don't say goodbye to them.

Don't throw them away like a rag.

They've been your best friend during memorable stages of your life.

They've accompanied you on your way. On that first time around.

They've helped you solve more than one problem.

You've wrung them out, cut them, dyed them, crushed them, patched them up...

They do not deserve it.


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