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Your perfect and ideal garment is still to be made.


They're the sartorial equivalent of the love of your life.

Reliable. Trustworthy.

Always there on a rainy day and they’ve always got your back (or bum) when you’re struggling to think of an outfit to wear.

The kind of love that if you ever give up on, you'll spend your rest of your life pining after it, wondering what went wrong and regretting the mistakes you made.

Jeans work for everyone, anyone at any age can put on a pair and won't feel too young or too old; all depending on the cut you go for.

They work for almost every occasion when styled correctly. They provide the ultimate foundation from day-to-night outfits. And, with spring approaching, they provide the perfect go-to for transitioning into warmer months.

Who even needs any other item of clothing in their wardrobe when you've got a solid collection of jeans and some nice tops?

We're not going to pretend ¡Ánimo, valiente! is a brand about new ways to wear jeans, as we are nowhere near that daring.

For us, the whole point of jeans is that they’re effortless and they fit into your wardrobe.

You wear them because you know they look good, and you don’t have to even think about trying to make to look good.

For spring, for example, it's very likely your uniform is going to be all about slogan T-shirts and jeans, a totally perfect combination for almost any occasion that couldn't feel more you.

So here’s our request:

Don't say goodbye to them.

Don't throw them away like a rag.

They've been your best friend during memorable stages of your life.

They've accompanied you on your way. On that first time around.

They've helped you solve more than one problem.

You've wrung them out, cut them, dyed them, crushed them, patched them up...

They do not deserve it.


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