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¡Ánimo, valiente!


... is not just a song by the group León Benavente. ¡Ánimo, valiente! is also a coincidence: a fashion brand born under the pretext of a commission that was never materialized; those for which there is no budget, those that sharpen your wits.

Want to know how this crazy denim project began? Visit this webpage.



Gabi is a mysterious entity with a Master's degree in shelfies, a qualification that few can claim. Their role in the ¡Ánimo, valiente! team is absolutely essential as they handle daily tasks like answering your emails, managing our social networks, and organising tasks that don't require manual labour. Their ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time is unrivalled, and they always strive to maintain a clear focus without getting carried away by the madness of the day-to-day.

Despite being the latest addition to our team, Gabi has proven to be a key player. Their creative solutions and ability to stay organised amidst chaos are truly impressive.

As for their location, it's a mystery to us. Some days it seems like Gabi is right next door, handling everything with incredible efficiency, and other days it feels like they are operating from some remote corner of the planet. But no matter where they connect from, we are grateful for their contribution to the team and hope that their stay with us is long-lasting.

(We will be updating this section as we learn more about Gabi).



Behind all this mess we find Succubus. She is at the helm, at the machines and she is everywhere behind the scenes. She is a creatologist who trained for this world of fabrics at m.CLASS moda centro, but that she always combined her textile studies with photographic studies (the latter by Koldo Mendaza, Carlos Sanchez Benallas and Rafa Badía).

She started her textile journey in the Converse design team and from there she hasn't stopped. She has continued training in moulage, alongside people like Jose Carlos Herrera and Javier Martín Galán. She has a master's degree in Fashion Business Management from LCI Barcelona (formerly Felicidad Duce). She was part of the technical finishing and quality control team at Boris Bidjan Saberi...

In 2017 she began to manage mil esquinas, a space where great professionals give training courses... And she gets into all sorts of trouble, whenever she can find it.

Since 2014, she has run this repurposed denim brand, making pieces by hand, giving new life to discarded garments that even managed to attract attention at the COP21 in Paris. ¡Ánimo, valiente! makes exclusive pieces, in a transparent way, giving them a whole new lifetime... and many more to come.


Basically, these two projects are those that keep her busy.

And between one and the other, she designs, writes and solves problems of (almost) all kinds… "almostanything" that comes her way.

So if you want to know something more about her, better take a look at her website.