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¡Ánimo, valiente!

... it is not just a song by the group León Benavente. ¡Ánimo, valiente! it's also a coincidence: a fashion brand born under the pretext of a commission that was never materialized; of those for which there is no budget and sharpen the ingenuity.

And behind the name of the song and the fabrics is Succubus at the hands, the machines and the backstage. A creatologist who was trained for this stuff of fabrics at m.CLASS moda centro, but who has always combined scissors with a camera. She started her journey in the Converse design team and from there she hasn't stopped. She has continued training in moulage with Jose Carlos Herrera and Javier Martín Galán, for example, has a master's degree in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies from LCI Barcelona (formerly Felicidad Duce), has been part of the technical team of finishes and quality control at Boris Bidjan Saberi, manages mil esquinas, a space where great professionals make trainings... And she gets into all the messes she finds.

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Since 2014, she runs this repurposed denim brand, making pieces by hand, giving new life to discarded garments that even managed to attract attention at the COP21 in Paris. In it, exclusive pieces are made, in a transparent way, for a lifetime more... and those to come.

Because denim moves the world.